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Hi there, we are Bjorn & Tram, the creative heads behind Worlds For Us. Here we share intimate stories, first-hand travel advice, music experiences and education materials that challenge the individual perspective and open doors to new horizons...

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Turn Up The Bass: An In-Depth Analysis of Dance Music in New York City

Buy now Amazon Barnes & Noble It's all about the beat in Bjorn Klein's new book about music history's most...
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“A great ocean of undiscovered beauty lies ahead of you. Every day is an adventure, whether you are eating snake in Vietnam or climbing the highest peaks of the Himalaya. Many people stay in their little sandbox all their life. But I prefer to swim in the vast ocean of life, even though I'm a terrible swimmer.”
- Bjorn Klein

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Jazz-soul-groove outfit Three Fall & Melane refunction their wind instruments into becoming part of the rhythm section and dictate the sway of your hips with repetitive-hypnotic riffs and crisp horn interjections...

Pangea Ultima have mastered the many dialects of latin jazz and world music with consummate ease. The dexterous quintet combine elements of Latin American, African and Indian music with...

Is this the soundtrack to my new religion? 5K HD's music sounds like a feverish cosmic daydream; tripped-out, hazy and imaginatively poetic. Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant!

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